5 Common Dental Myths: Fact or Fiction?

5 Common Dental Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Whether originated from old wife’s tales or just got passed down through generations, dental facts may be hard to differentiate from myths! With all myths floating around, a dentist near you can help! Give us a call or contact us at Southern Charm Dental with any questions you have – we’ll help you figure fact from myth.

You only need to go to the dentist if your teeth hurt.

Without proper dental care, your once painless mouth could suddenly turn into a pit of pain. Going to the dentist every six months for a checkup is vital. Find a dentist near you to schedule an appointment! Here at Southern Charm Dental we’ll brush your plaque and tartar away to make sure you won’t need to wait for pain to visit the dentist’s office.

Sugar rots your teeth.

Everyone has heard that sugar can cause cavities. Surprisingly, the sugar itself won’t cause any issue, but the amount of time it stays on your teeth will? Sugar causes bacteria to release acids which attack your enamel. As long as you brush your teeth after consuming a sugary snack, your teeth can stay healthy. So, go ahead and enjoy your candy bar. If you run into a problem, come to Southern Charm Dental, a dentist in 77407, and we’ll help you out.

Chewing gum is just as effective as brushing.

Chewing gum does not clean your teeth, it can cause further damage! Gum can contain sugar that stick on your teeth for extended periods of time. If you don’t brush, you risk extensive tooth decay and cavities.

Teeth whitening hurts your enamel.

Research has proven that teeth bleaching and whitening are safe for your teeth if used properly and as directed. To ensure proper usage, contact a professional! Dentists in Richmond TX at Southern Charm Dental can help you with your teeth whitening journey.

You DON’T need to floss.

Flossing is one of the most important parts of oral health! Without flossing, you risk gum disease and infections like gingivitis. Flossing prevents plaque buildup between your teeth and can prevent cavities too! Never skip the floss, and make sure to do so at least once per day.

Have any questions about these debunked myths? Call or contact Southern Charm Dental, your local dentists in Richmond, for more information