Be Glad for Our X-ray Vision

Be Glad for Our X-ray Vision

You might not be comfortable with it. You have to put on the heavy apron, hold an awkward piece of film in your mouth and sit still, while x-ray happens.

You think is it really required for your dental health? Off course, yes!

Southern Charm Dental performs x-rays to check that is going on with your teeth, bone and surrounding tissue. Without it, no dentist in Richmond can see everything.

What hidden problems do dental x-rays detect?

There are many hidden problems which can be detected by a dentist in Richmond TX.

  • Cavities below existing bridgework, crowns or other restorations.
  • Abscesses, cysts and infection.
  • Cavities between teeth just beneath where adjacent teeth touch (interproximal cavities).
  • The position of wisdom teeth.

How often should x-rays be taken?

This depends on the patient. A person who did not get tooth decay, braces, existing crowns, veneers or bridgework is at low of cavities. Patients are at high risk in the opposite situation and have gone through one or more of the following-

  • Dental caries
  • Existing restorations
  • Braces
  • Worn-away enamel
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

Patients with ill eating habits or other severe medical conditions are considered at high risk. If you have not had your wisdom teeth extracted, you may need e-ray more frequently.

Dentist in 77407 says it is very difficult to perform an x-ray on a small as they don’t sit still and keep on moving. This does not give a complete and correct picture. X-rays can be carried out on adults only.

Advantages of x-rays-

  • This modular machine provides fast development and integration of solutions.
  • Southern Dental Charm provides standard portfolio from entry-level scanners to premium combination units.
  • Possess of high-resolution HD-TDI camera detector technology in compact designs.
  • Intelligent software covering a wide range of applications.

If you are a patient of Southern Charm Dental, dentists will counsel you on the frequency of x-rays when your treatment plan is discussed. If you are not patient and want an experienced, professional, find a dentist near you for any consultation.