Can I Get Metal-Free Dental Implants in Richmond?

Can I Get Metal-Free Dental Implants in Richmond?

In recent times, you may have heard the word ‘metal-free’ quite a lot. The dentist in Richmond says that more patients demand for treatments that are safe and good for their body. Thus, they have started opting for white fillings over the metal ones. The patients have also become open to learning about holistic alternatives to traditional treatments. However, the pertinent question is, what about the dental implants in Richmond and is there a metal-free way to benefit from this technique?

Titanium- A Biocompatible Marvel

Most of the dental implants are made from titanium alloy and dentists are in favor of using them as they are biocompatible, which means they work well with the human body. The alloy used for dental implants is similar to what orthopedic surgeons use while placing hip, knee, and shoulder implants. The dentist in Richmond mentions some advantages of titanium:

  • It is rare to have allergy from titanium.
  • It has ability to bond with the tissue around it, which creates a firm bond between the bone and the implant.
  • Titanium has low thermal conductivity, so it helps reducing irritation when implant is exposed to cold or hot temperatures.
  • It is both light as well as strong.

Zirconia- The Alternative to Titanium

According to the dentist Richmond, TX, Zirconia implants are often termed as ‘metal-free’ alternative to the titanium. But it is important to understand that one of the main components of Zirconia implant has an atomic number of 40 and it is considered as transitional metal. Therefore, there’s no true metal-free alternative to the titanium implants.
The dentist in 77407 says that both Zirconia and titanium have the ability to bond with the tissue around them, but titanium is superior due to following reasons:

  • There are chances of Zirconia forming micro-cracks when adjusted, which increases the chance of implant breakage.
  • Restorations need to be cemented onto Zirconia implant and not screwed on. Thus, it can break during adjustments.
  • It’s important to have screw-retained artificial teeth for patients who are undergoing full-mouth reconstruction. People with extensive tooth loss cannot be the right candidates for Zirconia implants.