COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

We continue to be committed to safeguarding our patients’ well-being and safety. As we navigate these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, we have put in place measures to protect our valued patients as well as our staff against COVID-19.

Everyone must play their role in defeating this novel virus. We ask our patients to please comply with our safety guidelines. This way, we can remain open for a long time and continue to offer you excellent dental care even as we grapple with this new normal.

We have taken the following steps to ensure your safety during COVID-19:

Limited Appointments

We’re booking fewer people per hour. This allows us to put enough distance between patients and have sufficient time to disinfect and sanitize thoroughly between appointments.

Air Purifiers

We have installed air purifiers with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in each room. We’ve also adopted the use of UV sanitation, all in an effort to keep the air, surfaces, and equipment inside our offices free from disease-causing pathogens.

No Waiting Rooms

To lower the risk of community spread, we are no longer allowing patients to wait in our lobby. We’re also not accepting walk-ins. Instead, we’ll schedule your appointment and give you a specific time when you should be at our office. Please remain in your car and let us know when you arrive and we will guide you accordingly.

Free Masks

We’re giving away one mask per patient, per family—as long as supplies last. Ask us for one when you walk into our premises.

During your visit, we’ll take your temperature and ask you to fill in a COVID-19 questionnaire.

We require all patients visiting us to wear a mask.