Dentures in Richmond,TX

When you’ve got more than one missing or damaged tooth that needs to be replaced, dentures are an affordable and effective restorative dentistry treatment. At Southern Charm, we have full, complete and partial dentures available to our patients who want to restore their smile and self-confidence.

Your denture plan begins with an examination of your oral health with our hygienist, X-rays to determine the condition of your teeth and gums, followed by impressions of your mouth for a proper fit of your dentures.

If you need teeth extracted, this will be done and you will receive temporary dentures for wear during the period that your gums are healing. After that, you will have new impressions of your mouth, as the shape of your gums is likely to have changed during the healing process. You’ll then be fitted for your permanent dentures.

Full & Complete Dentures

Full dentures are a set of either upper or lower teeth to replace the entire upper or lower jaw of your original teeth.

Complete dentures refer to a full set of both upper and lower teeth. Complete dentures do not use existing teeth to bridge or anchor them, and only adhesive and suction hold them in place. As such, a proper fit is very important for them to work and feel natural in your mouth.

Periodic checkups are also essential to make any adjustments or alterations necessary to ensure an ideal fit.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for replacing some teeth, when there are existing natural teeth still in place. A partial denture can be held in place using these natural teeth as an anchor. This can be done using either metal bars or crowns on the abutment teeth that will hold the partial in place.

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