Getting Rid of Bad Breath in 30 Seconds

Getting Rid of Bad Breath in 30 Seconds

Do you have persistent bad breath despite brushing and flossing like you’re supposed to? Did you know that majority of bacteria responsible for bad breath actually live on your tongue? At Southern Charm Dental, we believe education is an important part of providing optimal dental care and today we’d like to talk to you about your bad breath. Despite how common bad breath is, it is actually extremely easy to avoid.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Wondering what exactly causes bad breath? Some of the most common reasons our patients experience bad breath include:

  • Tobacco use, especially cigarettes.
  • Unmanaged periodontal gum disease.
  • An imbalanced bacterial biome in the gut/mouth.
  • A diet which is rich in sulfur.
  • Poor dental care/hygiene.

When a patient neglects their oral health and has poor habits, bacteria living in the mouth can actually thrive, leading to bad breath.

Steps to Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Ready to kiss your bad breath goodbye? You’ll need a spoon!

Step 1: Take your clean spoon and gently scrape the surface of your tongue, rinse the spoon after scraping to remove the film and debris. Repeat steps until tongue is clean.

Step 2: Using your toothbrush and a tiny bit of toothpaste, gently massage your tongue, removing additional bacteria and debris.

Step 3: Using warm salt water or mouthwash, thoroughly rinse your mouth.

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Have you tried scraping your tongue but still experience bad breath? Schedule an appointment at Southern Charm Dental today! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if additional professional care is necessary to treat your chronic bad breath.