How to Plan a Successful First Appointment for Kids

How to Plan a Successful First Appointment for Kids

Kids grow up way too fast. One minute they are just learning to crawl and the next thing you know, they are breaking teeth, and it is time for their first dentist’s appointment. Your child’s first visit is very important since it is their first impression of visiting a dentist. There are steps that can be taken to help make the first visit a smashing success.

Preparing Your Child for Their First Visit

Choosing a family-oriented dentist like Southern Charm Dental is a fantastic first step. Before your little one’s first visit, bring them with you to your next appointment. By bringing your child to the space but not having them get examined, they will feel comfortable with the office for their first visit later on. Seeing you sitting in the exam chair will make it seem OK and not something to be concerned about.

Parents tend to wait to bring up things they are concerned their kids may not like, but this can send a message to the child that they are being tricked into something. Instead of telling your child as they sit in their car seat and you are driving to the dentist, give them a week or two to be comfortable with it so it won’t be a big deal with the time comes.

There are many children’s books available that help introduce the dentist to your kids in a fun and colorful way. After reading the book together, it can be fun to “play dentist” by taking turns looking in each other’s mouth and maybe even giving their favorite stuffed animal a dental exam.

Incorporate your oral hygiene routine into their nightly routine. Many kids are little copycats, so seeing their parents brush and floss each night will help to make them want to do so as well.