Same-Day Dentistry – An Effective Solution to Your Dental Problems

Same-Day Dentistry – An Effective Solution to Your Dental Problems

Dentistry has grown rapidly within a few decades. The recent topic of discussion in the field is same-day dentistry. People nowadays prefer convenience over everything. Hectic routine and lengthy dental procedures often convince people to avoid dental visits. This leads to other dental problems.

Same-Day Dentistry

As the name suggests, this dentistry allows a patient to get the desired restoration in just one visit. 30 to 40 years back, crowning, implants, fillings, and braces needed at least three visits for completion. Now the trend has changed.

Technology and dentistry have shaken hands. With technological advancements, dentistry has emerged as a vast and effective field. Patient satisfaction is not compromised. Today’s era is all about same-day dentistry. Patients do not have to compromise on the personal routine. Your desired restorative treatments are just one visit away.

Same-Day Dentistry vs Conventional Dentistry

Conventional dentistry has several differences and setbacks. With E4D incorporation, same-day dentistry offers more benefits than conventional dentistry. Here are some of those benefits.

Your life becomes more convenient with this dentistry. There is no need for multiple visits and compromises on the office or routine tasks. Dental processes are safer and more efficient.

Laser technology has become the best tool in dentistry. Same-day dentistry makes use of laser and the results are highly accurate. There are no hassles of getting a temporary crown or filling and getting a permanent one after a week.

The ineffective and inefficient traditional methods of getting dental impressions have been terminated. Precision is assured in same-day dentistry. The results of the treatments are better and you look more beautiful.

Which Areas Does Same Day Dentistry Deal With

To be precise with this answer, same day dentistry at Richmond TX is responsible for restorative treatments. Here are a few names to give you an idea about this amazing side of dentistry.

  • Dental crowning
  • Dental filling
  • Dental bridges
  • Braces
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers

All these treatments needed about three dental visits. If the condition of the teeth is worse, the visit count will increase. With same-day dentistry, not all these treatments are impossible to get. Do not fear the number of visits. It is just a one-day game now.

Procedures in Same Day Dentistry

As the visit is just one, treatments follow a different procedure in this dentistry. Here are just a few procedures for your ease.

Procedure for Dental Implant

The traditional method extends up to months when we talk about dental implants. Your dentist will wait for healing after every step. It takes a month for the placement of permanent crowns. In the same-day dentistry, your dentist will cut off all the waiting time. He or she would not wait for healing and place a permanent crown immediately after the implant.

Same-day dental implants are not for everyone. The patients who can undergo the process are as given. The candidate seeking for same-day implant must have a dense bone. This implant is not suitable for candidates who do not have dense bones.

There should be enough bone in your jaw to support a dental implant. If the bone is not deep, the dentist would advise bone augmentation. Implant will be performed afterward.  If your teeth are crowded or severely misaligned, a same-day dental implant is not possible. This dentistry is performed on teeth that do not require extensive pressure.

Procedure for Dentures

The same day dentistry also supports dentures. These dentures are also called immediate dentures. Same-day dentistry in Katy TX is completed on the same day. Conventional dentures require time for preparation that extends up to weeks. Your dentist will perform the treatment and it will be completed the same day. You can step out of the clinic with an attractive smile.

Immediate dentures or same-day dentures are suitable for the following patients.

  • Patients of a younger age are the right candidates.
  • If you do not have good oral hygiene, the dentist would not perform denture treatment.
  • Patients who are undergoing radiotherapy should not choose this as it is harmful to their health.

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