Special Needs Patients

Special Needs Patients

Our mission at Southern Charm Dental is to provide quality dental care to each patient and to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We understand that some of our valued patients have special needs that require a unique approach to their dental care.

A trip to the dentist for treatment can be a much different experience for those with special care needs or developmental disabilities. In order for us to give them the quality dental care services they deserve, we must be flexible in our approach to achieving that aim.

Some special needs patients we work with are:

• Phobia, fear, and anxiety
• Developmental disabilities
• Severe gagging
• Allergic to local anesthetic
• Medical problems
• Physical disabilities

Depending on the particular patient, our approach to his or her treatment must take into consideration their unique needs, condition or concerns. If you have a patient that requires specific care, please contact Southern Charm Dental today to schedule an appointment with our compassionate team.