Grinding and clenching of teeth is a very common problem. Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. It is more common in female than in males. When a person clenches their teeth at night it is known as night bruxism. Night bruxism is not gender specific.

What Causes Bruxism?

There are various things that cause bruxism. One of the most common causes of teeth grinding is stress and anxiety due to some work. If you live a high-stress life, there are high chances that you will suffer from bruxism.

There are a few other factors that lead to bruxism like interference in sleep apnea.

Bruxism mostly occurs in the night. Most people do not know that they have been clenching their teeth throughout the night. They wake up with a headache.

What is the Harm in Grinding Your Teeth?

It might seem harmless now but if you look closely, it is the cause of many dental problems. Over the time, your teeth will become more sensitive and it will start losing enamel. Due to the too much stress on the gums and bone that is supporting the teeth, they will begin to recede.

How Do I Protect My Teeth from Grinding?

Getting yourself a custom made night guard will do the trick. Call Southern Charm Dental for more information on the same. We have the best dentists in Richmond that will help you cure your problems effectively. Use this night guard regularly when you sleep so that you do not let your teeth clench. This night guard will be custom made for you so that you do not have to think or worry about the fitting. It will protect your teeth and start the natural dental restoration. It will absorb all the pressure caused by excessive grinding. If you are consistent in wearing the night guard, you will see your teeth grinding problem go away sooner than ever.

Also, you should use stress prevention techniques like meditation or yoga and avoid consumption of caffeine or alcohol before bedtime.

If you suffer from night teeth grinding or any other dental problem, call southern charm dental, we have best dentists in Richmond TX to care for you.