Do you know how important a mouth guard is for protecting your dental health? Kids are always excited about the summers and geared to participate in several sports activities. Parents must encourage the kids as these activities are a great way to be in shape. However, according to Dentist in Richmond TX, during participating in any sports activity it’s important to wear a protective mouth gear. Lack of protective mouth gear can lead to severe injuries.

The Dentist near Richmond says that, millions of injuries take place every year which are caused by sports and recreation related activities. The statistics involve both kids and adults but half of the injuries happen to kids and young adults below the age of 24 years. In spite of the alarming figures, parents never take dental injuries seriously and seldom ask their kids to wear the protective mouth guards while playing sports or participating in recreational activities.

Why Mouth Guard is Important?

The Dentist in 77407 says that mouth guard helps in protecting the mouth from injuries as it absorbs sudden blows or impact against the teeth. It can help in keeping several dental injuries at bay such as cracked teeth, knocked-out tooth, broken jaw bones, and chipped teeth.

According to American Dental Association, a mouth guard prevents as many as 200000 dental injuries every year. Isn’t that a reason enough to encourage your kids to wear mouth guards? Asking your kids and loved ones to wear the mouth guards will help in protecting their precious smile and dental health.

If your kids are reluctant in wearing mouth guards, set an example for them by wearing the mouth guards when you play any sport or participate in a recreational activity. You can also explain them the importance of wearing mouth guards and how their teeth can get affected by not wearing them.

Discuss with a Dentist near you about choosing the right type of mouth guards and how to get the customized mouth guards made as they make for a better option due to the precision in fitting.