What to Expect with Same-Day Crowns

What to Expect with Same-Day Crowns

No, we are not talking about a tiara! Dental crowns are the best way to achieve your best smile. Modern day technology and cutting-edge techniques give dentists the upper hand when beautifying their patients’ mouths, and now even more so with little to no time at all.

Uses for Dental Crowns

Dentists implement dental crowns in patients with a weakened, broken, or cracked tooth. These incidents may happen over time, old fillings can become problematic and even an accident can put us in the dental chair.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

In the past dental crowns usually required two trips to the dentist in which the first one was done to get a mold of our tooth. This mold would be sent off to fabricate an accurate crown to be put in our mouth while the dentist would send us home with a temporary crown until the second appointment when the customized crown would be implanted. However, now there is another option!

CEREC Technology

Now with same-day crown technology, you can have your new crown in one day! Utilizing CEREC technology allows your tooth to be scanned digitally in order to have a perfect fitting crown, made in-house, in one visit.

In the past, molds were taken of the mouth that could be messy, inconvenient or even uncomfortable. With this technology, you will experience none of these things. No more goopy molds! Your perfect crown will be made while you wait with minimal hassle to you.

CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC dental crowns are even beautiful! These crowns are made with the highest quality materials that implant seamlessly into the mouth. No discoloration or metal can be expected with these crowns. Don’t waste another day! Call Southern Charm Dental in Richmond, TX today to see if a CEREC dental crown is right for you!