Why Emergency Dentistry Is An Important Requirement?

If you are suffering from a dental problem it is suggested that you seek treatment promptly from the dentist near you to overcome the situation. However, what will you do if the problem occurs after office hours, on a weekend or a holiday? You need to understand the difference between a dental problem which occurs […]

Dental Habits That You Must Break for Good Oral Health

We all know how important it is to maintain good oral health. While most of the times we focus on all the Do’s, it is time to have a look at the don’ts as well. For protecting our oral health and keeping it in a good condition, it is important to break the bad habits […]

What Is Oral Sedation Dentistry and How It Benefits Patients?

There are many people who are not comfortable with the idea of seeing a dentist. They are afraid of the thought of sitting on the dental chair and getting a treatment done. These people are so anxious that they avoid dental visits and instead choose to suffer in pain and discomfort. There is a sigh […]

Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrush: Which Is the Best?

You may have heard of an electric toothbrush though most people may have never used one. In the dental industry, there is a debate regarding the superiority of electric brushes over manual brushes. People have various beliefs but there is a strong difference between the two, says dentist in Richmond. Here’s a Look at the […]

Can I Get Metal-Free Dental Implants in Richmond?

In recent times, you may have heard the word ‘metal-free’ quite a lot. The dentist in Richmond says that more patients demand for treatments that are safe and good for their body. Thus, they have started opting for white fillings over the metal ones. The patients have also become open to learning about holistic alternatives […]

Dental Implant Placement Basics as a Step-by-Step Process

You need not to worry if you have lost your tooth because of their available advance restoration techniques which can help restore the missing teeth. It is important to replace missing tooth because if the lost tooth is not replaced, the bone that supports the tooth starts to deteriorate. In such cases, you must obtain […]

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