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Southern Charm Dental makes use of the latest technologies in order to provide you with the very best in dental care services.

Digital impressions offer highly detailed and accurate imaging of your mouth and teeth in order to get the very best fit in prosthetic devices. We can take impressions of your mouth during a visit for dentures, then use the impressions to create a device that is a perfect match for your mouth. Digital impressions help provide a more natural, closer-fitting prosthetic device to aid in comfort, function and to reduce unwanted movement.

Painless Injecting Needle

Children, developmentally disabled patients, patients who fear needles and those with low pain thresholds can get their dental care in a more relaxed environment thanks to the painless injecting needle.

These pulsating needles can actually turn off pain receptors in the area of the needle, so that the patient has no sensation of pain when the injection is made.

Intraoral Cameras

Small and accurate, these cameras can reach into small areas of the mouth for examinations and give dentists a clear image of what’s happening with a patient’s oral health. With intraoral cameras, dental care providers are able to capture and save digital images inside patients’ mouths. With these images, they can provide more effective treatments and share their findings with the patient.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine

With the ability to scan larger areas with fewer images, X-rays performed with a panoramic machine provide better images, reduce X-ray exposure and save time. Patients need to have fewer images taken from multiple angles, thereby enhancing patient comfort and reducing stress during exams. Patients aren’t required to sit still for extended exposures, so imaging is more accurate.

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